Where can I find a Noblesville Laser Dentist?

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At the office of Robert L. Holloway DDS, we aim to elevate the standards in care for our patients. We utilize the latest technology and instrumentation available in dentistry today, and take a highly personalized approach to care. Our practice offers a comprehensive range of services for the continued beauty and health of your smile, from routine checkups to the most advanced implant and cosmetic treatments. As your Noblesville laser dentist, we also offer select procedures with the use of our dental laser for the ultimate level of precision.

As dental technology continues to evolve, the application of lasers in dental treatment has expanded its reach into a diverse range of procedures. Dental lasers can be used for both soft and hard tissue procedures, with treatments spanning as far and wide as periodontal therapy, and oral lesions, to the treatment of cavities. When used in the treatment of cavities, lasers act silently without direct contact to the teeth. This can make for a welcome treatment alternative for patients who experience anxiety about the pressure, vibration and sound of the dental drill. As one might expect, dental lasers also confer an unprecedented level of precision when compared to traditional instrumentation. Depending on the nature of the procedure, this can lend itself towards quicker healing times, and increased conservation of healthy tissue. When applied to soft-tissue procedures such as advanced treatments for gum disease, lasers cauterize as they go. Studies suggest that patients experience comparatively less bleeding and swelling following treatment as a result.  As your Noblesville laser dentist, Dr. Holloway is more than happy to discuss how you may stand to benefit from ultra-precise treatment with the use of our dental laser.

If you would like to benefit from the state-of-the-art in modern dental care, contact our office to learn more about what our Noblesville laser dentist has to offer. To get started, call the office of Robert L. Holloway DDS at the number below.

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