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For a skilled and experienced dentist who prioritizes both your comfort and care, look to the office of Robert L. Holloway DDS for all your dental needs. With decades of experience in serving the oral healthcare needs of patients at all ages, you can count on Dr. Holloway for the highest quality of care As a Noblesville sedation dentist, we are proud to offer the option of conscious sedation for our patients who experience significant dental anxiety about care in general or a particular procedure. Whether you are in need of treatment for a toothache, require dental implants, or are seeking the latest options in cosmetic dentistry, you can count on the office of Robert L. Holloway to address all your needs.

Do you get anxious when its time to visit the dentist? Did you know that an estimated 15% of patients across the US avoid seeking the dental care they require every year due to misconceptions or fears about their treatment? As your Noblesville sedation dentist, Dr. Holloway is committed to making visits to our office stress-free, comfortable and positive experiences. We place an emphasis on communication and take special care to keep you informed about what to expect before, during and after your treatment. In addition to maintaining open channels of communication with our patients, as your Noblesville sedation dentist, we also offer the option of dental sedation to help keep you completely relaxed for your visit with us. At our practice, we offer oral sedation in the form of a prescription medication, taken at the recommended time before your appointment. Prior to prescribing sedation, your medical records will be carefully reviewed. Dental sedation is always administered under careful supervision and meticulously monitored throughout your visit for your safety.

If you are in need of quality dental care with a gentle touch but have anxiety about visiting the dentist, contact our Noblesville sedation dentist to learn more about how we can make your experience stress-free. To get started, call the office of Robert L. Holloway DDS today!

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